April & Jean

You're ready to move but you have a house to sell and now you need help. 

Finding the right agent is the first step in the journey. You probably know a handful of agents, maybe a cousin or friend.

So how do you choose who will help you make one of the biggest financial decisions of your life? 


You are going to need an experienced agent who knows the current ever-changing housing market. 
One who is honest and puts your needs first...ALWAYS! 
 An agent who will take care of the details, and give you the exact steps you need to be successful. 
An agent who knows how to capture the buyer's attention by making your home the most attractive it can be. And, can help you know what to update and repair to get your home show ready without breaking the bank. 
 An agent who knows how to price your house just right. And, knows how to get the most money possible in the timeline you want so you can buy your next home.

Our #1 goal is to help you be as successful, knowledgeable, and confident as you can be! 

We have a proven process for profitably selling your current home, so you can move right into your next home without upending your life OR budget. Sign up to get our guide. 

How to balance buying and selling at the same time

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The A&J Difference

When you work with us you have two agents watching out for you! 
We talk daily about our clients and brainstorm with each other to find the solutions you need.

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We have the right systems in place to help get your home ready to list, under contract, and to the closing table on time. We understand that when you are balancing buying and selling, communication is critical. Our systems  make sure that you always know the what, when, and where, of everything!

Because we truly want you to have the best experience selling and buying we make sure we are staying on top of our real estate education and have achieved the following designations: Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE), Real Estate Divorce Specialist (REDS), and Diversity, Equity, Fair Housing, and Inclusion Advocate Certified (DEFI).

Here's the thing...
 We are two regular gals who met each other in our earlier days as new agents, fell in love with real estate, and decided to partner up. So together we could make a bigger difference in people's lives and have a little fun along the way! And, because we both place a high value on our relationships, family, and friends, taking care of people is just part of our DNA.